Welcoming Committee

Well I guess it's obvious that I'm turning over a new leaf (for this week anyway!) since this is my second posting in almost as many days. Now that I've gotten over the excitement of my new computer, I'm back spending more time at the easel. While I'm in the process of musing over my current painting, I'm also realizing that there's still quite a few that I haven't posted here yet. I'm still irrationally fascinated by glass bottles of ketchup and after failing to find any in the supermarkets, I was quite beside myself with glee when I found one in a local corner store. Subsequently it has been the subject of, or taken a cameo role in several more of my paintings. This is a scene from another local cafe, "Truffles" in Gibsons Landing. I confess that I dubbed in the glass ketchup bottle as it was so much more aesthetically pleasing than the plastic one being offered. This painting is acrylic and also 12x24 inches, which has come to be one of my favourite formats.

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