Cyber Envy

I've been checking out some other blogs recently and have discovered that some other folks have been kind enough to give my little blog a shout-out. I'm so impressed with some people's blogs; their obvious skill at spinning a yarn and their ability to make the blogs really interesting with all sorts of eye-candy. I feel totally incompetent in that respect. What you see here is basically all my feeble mind knows how to do. Well, on the bright side, it's not too confusing. I do wonder how people find the time though. In the past I have avoided the computer, because I know that as soon as I engage in the World Wide Web, I might as well say goodbye to several hours of what could be most therapeutic painting time. Recently, however, I bought myself a lovely new imac with a 24 inch screen, and this has made resistance completely futile. How can one resist images in brilliant colour that can be seen clear across the room? I'm ashamed to say that I have convinced myself that I do it in the name of research for my next artistic endeavour. And I wonder why my carpal tunnel is suddenly resurfacing... Alright, I'd better follow that up with something colourful. As an homage to the latest cyber-craze, "Twitter" I have come up with this. It's called "Tweeters" and is 24x12inches, acrylic. This painting was an antidote to one that I had been working on, over which I had been encountering a great deal of difficulty with perspective issues. Incidentally, I have attempted to "tweet", but again have been stymied by my lack of cyber-skills.

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Pattee said...

I love this painting Coralie.. the VW bus ( I still want one!) Your painting just gets better and better!!!