Molly's Condiments

Molly's Reach is an iconic establishment in beautiful downtown Gibsons Landing. The cafe was once a set for Nick, Relic and the gang who made up the cast of the long-running CBC television series, "The Beachcombers". It has now been reincarnated as a thriving little restaurant (I'm particularly fond of the breakfasts). The cafe exterior has been photographed and painted a myriad of times. Instead I chose to paint the condiments on the table. I know these could theoretically be any condiments on any table, so you'll just have to take my word on it! I confess however, the vinegar jug is a substitution for the existing sugar tray. I wanted all of the objects to be glass (because I love torture!) and because it was much better compositionally. The painting is acrylic, 24x12

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