Gibsons Gulls

This summer a curious seagull became a frequent visitor to our deck. He must have heard that I am rather fond of painting seagulls because he seemed intent on posing for me. In fact he was more than willing to share his many attitudes at a mere arm's length. All this he did in exchange for meagre tidbits from my kitchen (although he made it clear that he prefered baked goods to more healthy choices). We had somewhat one-sided conversations in which I told him what a fine feathered creature he was and I grew to look forward to his daily visits. Eventually, however, my model vanished without a fare-thee-well. I've done a few more gull paintings, but somehow it just doesn't seem the same since my muse has gone. Perhaps he felt that he was being exploited... Here's a sampler.

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Els said...

Love this series! I'm especially fond of your loose use of colour and form here...very befitting of the individuals you've painted.