I've decided to post a few pictures everyday until I get caught up. Hopefully a progression (read that as "improvement") will be noticeable as I will post them more-or-less in chronological order. This was my first effort after "Incodnito". It's very small - 8x8 inches on canvas board. Tentative first steps. No reference & I think the inspiration came from a story I had read. The title is almost as big as the painting; A Dapper Little Man on a Stout Horse, Backwards". Trying to find a style, I emulated one of my favourite artists, James Christensen in this little diptich. Each panel is 8x12. I gave the paintings to my nieces. Here's "Soup" (bad title, but I struggled on this one). And then I bravely tackled real-life. I really wanted to paint my friend's dearly departed cat. I was surprised that I managed to get a reasonable likeness. She was pleased with the result anyway. Still small; 8x8 on canvas board.

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