I can't resist a dog in a sweater...

I met a lady once with one of those little naked hairless terriers. She explained that he needed a sweater for all seasons; in the Summer so he wouldn't get sunburned & in the Winter to keep warm. He was a nervous little thing, but she allowed me to pet him. He felt like warm rubber. This is a series of 8x8 acrylics.


Melodie said...

Wonderful job on the dogs, they are all adorable!


Ev said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog ... I was able to come and find yours!!

Those are SO adorable, Coralie ... what fun! My friend has an entire wardrobe for her little dog - including a bikini ... that would be a picture that no one would believe;)

Coralie said...

Melodie, thanks for your comment! They were fun to do.
Ev, glad you found your way here & thank you back!