Still life...... goes on

Time for an update. Here's a couple of still lifes that may resonate with the baby boomers out there. "Childhood Retrospective" is a collection of my husband's old toys. I was going to call it "Ex Box" but thought better of it. 20x16, Acrylic I don't know how far the game of Tiddledy Winks goes back - amazing how universal it was though! I wonder what the kids of today would think if we took away their electronics & substituted a game of Tiddledy Winks? 10x10, Acrylic


Alexandra Amor said...

Hi Coralie,

I was in Gibsons yesterday and found some of your work at the artists' co-op. I fell in love with the love lorn moose you have displayed there. The look in his eyes is so adorable! I'm an artist myself (a writer) so could only afford to buy some of your greeting cards. I came home with Baaabara and her line dancing friends. Keep up the great work! I find your paintings to be full of joy and love, even the ones of rainy day Gibsons.

Coralie said...

Thanks so much for checking out my blog & for your lovely comments Alexandra! Glad you got to see my work irl & thrilled that you went home with Baaabara & friends! I'll post a pic of that moose here soon!