Afternoon Tryst

Ah, my apologies to anyone who's still checking in. My posts have been few & far between. Truth is, I'd rather be painting! Anyway, I'll try to be more current with my posts henceforth.

I'm still in my retro phase - fascinated with objects from the past - intrigued with their sense of history. This is a 24x24 acrylic still life with three objects from the same era. It has a tropical feel for me. Perhaps a couple has just come in to get a break from the afternoon heat and well, one thing has led to another...


Morgan said...

Great colors! I haven't painted in years but I used to be pretty good. Something about having young children seems to inspire a different sort of creativity - doll making, knitting - the sorts of things that delight the kids. But now that they are grown I am feeling more like an artist again. Trouble is, photoshop is so much easier than paints and brushes :)
Also, do you ever feel limited in subject matter? Sort of: find that what you have available just doesn't inspire you?

Coralie said...

Thanks for stopping by Morgan. I know what you mean about shifting focus, I did the same when my kids were small. It's nice to rediscover the other things that you used to define youself by though. I enjoy taking pictures too, but many of them I use as reference shots. Getting back to painting has made me a better photographer, I think. I do sometimes get myself into that "there's nothing interesting to paint" rut, but it passes. I get inspiration from flea markets, thrift shops, etc. I also borrow things from friends for those times when I've looked at my own stuff so much that I can no longer "see" it. Thanks for your comment. I'll be sure to stop by your site as soon as I get a free moment!