Three Bags Full

I felt that it was time for a little fun. I've always wanted to try painting sheep, not only for the challenge, but because I have very fond memories of one particular sheep - Baaabara. She was a childhood friend and I raised her after I found out that the neighbour farmer was going to do away with her because she was too small & fragile. I begged my dad to let me keep her and with a whole lot of TLC she thrived and eventually became an enormous (and very smelly) ball of wool. She would come running when I called her over the fence, bleating loudly in staccato rythm as she trotted towards me. She was the only sheep on our farm (we had mostly cows) and Baaabara had a bit of an identity crisis. She wasn't sure if she was cow or human. These three are practising line dance. I think that's Baaabara in the middle - the confident one. The one on the left is Shona - she's a young sheep concentrating very hard, and that's Jennifer on the right. She's adding a "tush push" to the steps. (She's like that). Acrylic 12 x 24 x 1.5 inches

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