Well I've decided to start with Verna. If you're observant you will have noticed that this is the face that I use as my avatar. This is a bit of a joke. She's not me, but after I made her I had the feeling that she bore an uncanny resemblance to my mother. My husband confirmed this. Subsequently, people who saw Verna often commented that there was something about her that looked familiar. Since they had never met my mother, I had to conclude that perhaps the apple hadn't fallen far from the tree & that maybe there was a little something about Verna that reminded them of me!
Her character is neither that of my mother or myself. Verna is an incurable shopper. She's the kind of gal that just cannot resist a bargain (even if it's a mite out of date and doesn't quite fit). She believes you would be an absolute fool to overlook a 75% off tag. She proudly holds her prey aloft - the satisfaction of the conquest is almost as exciting as the thrill of the hunt!


Sherry N said...

Hey, Love Verna ya know. Where's the rest of your wonderful sculpts?

Coralie Swaney said...

Hi Sherry, Thanks for looking! I haven't quite gotten into the swing of this yet, so it'll be slow going at first, but I intend to improve. Then I just gotta figure out how to get some blogger friends!

Jean Bernard said...

I LOVE Verna ! she IS me :) I buy anything that is out of date and doesn't quite fit. I have always been an odd sort lolol
Wonderful sculpt Coralie !